Once upon a time, in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, Konzept took its first steps back in 2016 towards……. You know the story!

Yes, a standard introduction, but important. Since we were founded in 2016, Konzept has grown rapidly within the IT industry. We have become an international independent distributor turning 10 mio. Euros each year, after only 2 years in business. We are big in volume, but not a one-stop-shop. We prioritize to stay 100% focused on the brands and items we deal, and we are therefore highly specialized in high runner items within our field. When markets fluctuate, Konzept adapts instantly to the most current trends and seeks opportunity’s through rigorous research to always stay ahead of the curb.


Konzept is an innovative IT-distributor with old fashion values.

Innovative because: We are more than just a standard distributor with 2 million Euros stock ready to ship worldwide. We are constantly developing and on the lookout for new opportunities and brands to stock. From high-end server and networking equipment, to personal computing and point of sales products. At Konzept, we are flexible and we make fast decisions, which meets our customers demand for quality service and quick deliveries. Our profile is distribution – but cheaper.

Yes – we are old fashioned. We like to work the old-fashioned way, by communicating, listening, and building up strong personal relations with our partners and customers. We actually pick up the phone and talk to our customers. This gives us the best conditions to meet our clients demands, and as a bonus: It makes our work fun too! We at Konzept thrive through relationships.

But it’s not just about having fun and delivering the best service. Due to our focus on volume, we also offer the most competitive prices in the market.


Our vision is simple: To offer our customers the best and cheapest alternative in hardware sourcing, without compromising on the personal relations and high service level. We want to stand out – not only on price and service, but also for being an ethical and responsible partner for our customers and suppliers. A partner that can be trusted.


We Value relationships:

We value our partners and customers as well as trust and honesty. We are proud of what we do, helping our customers to optimize their business. And of course, we value a good deal!

We respect each other:

Konzept is an attractive and open place to work where personal differences and skills are respected and highly valued.

We involve:

With an open company culture, Konzept believes that every employee is an asset, who is encouraged to seek solutions, act responsibly and take ownership in their business and development.

We are a team:

We at Konzept, act and work as a team. We grow and develop when sharing knowledge and ideas. Our teamwork is one of our greatest internal assets, allowing us to grow both business wise and individually.


Theresa Gregoriou

Theresa has more than a decade’s experience in the IT-Industry with sales and purchasing, distribution and logistics. Based on her all-round background, it was time to start Konzept.

Ulla Jensen
Logistics Manager

Ulla has 20 years of experience in freight forwarding, logistics and administration, and is an expert in trouble shooting and optimization.

Kasper Jørgensen
Product Manager

Kasper has 5 years of experience working with sales & purchase in the it-industry.
Due to his experience in both sales and purchase, he has an excellent business understanding.

Srdjan Bovan
International Account Manager

Srdjan has 10 years of experience of account management and team leading, from the telemarketing and It-Industry.

Simon Jahani
International Account Manager

Simon has a background from the Ministry of Finance and has studied international business. Moreover, he has 8 years of experience with international selling.


Bredgade 33C, 2nd floor
1260 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 32 51 32 32